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Ethnicity and Race
I am not sure if I have done something wrong or not, but I was wondering if anyone is seeing the following. When I go in and mark a students race and submit, the check boxes go away and are blank. I go look at the student race table and they are there. Then I go back into the same student and check the boxes again and same thing happen except when I go back tot he Student race table, there are duplicate records for the same student.

Has anyone seen this at all? I wonder what I am doing wrong.
3 Responses to "Ethnicity and Race"

The check boxes stay checked for us.  Sorry???

I have seen this at several schools and it is a known issue. There is a PS KB article, 58608 that describes a workaround. Since most of the schools are just getting started with this and they didn't have much entered, we just deleted all the records in the Teacher/Student race tables instead of doing the workaround. The one thing I forgot to do once, was to quit PowerSchool and restart. I kept deleting the records in the Race table, but it still didn't work, then I finally realized I didn't restart PS.

To delete the records:
Navigate to DDA
Select the StudentRace or TeacherRace table
Select all records
Click on the Modify Records
Verify you have the correct table!!!!!
Check the delete box and then click the delete button
Quit PS and  then restart PS.

Deleting the records and restarting the server did appear to work. Now the check boxes stay and things are updated in the StudentRace table. Thanks Wayne.
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