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NSSRS Curriculum Report
Does anyone have good info on how to set up PowerSchool to run the new curriculum report?  When I run the report it comes out blank.  Please help!  Thank you!
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Below you will find information taken from the Nebraska Reporting Release Notes Feb. 12, 2010

Edit Section and Edit Course Page Updates 

Reference: PSSR-3830 

Description: New fields are required on the Edit Section and Edit Course District Information pages for the NE Curriculum report. 

Resolution: The following fields were added to or updated on the Edit Course District Information page (table and field name noted): 

Special Course Indicator – [Courses]NE_Spec_Course_Code. Use this field to indicate if the course is a special course. 

Alternate Course Number – [Courses]alt_course_number. This existing field is now used to record the Course Code. For more information about Course codes, see Appendix D, Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements:

A checkbox, “Exclude from State Reporting (Curriculum Report)” is now available. Selecting this option will exclude a course only for the Curriculum report. 

The following fields were added to or updated on the Edit Section page (table and field name noted): 

• Semester Code – [Sections]NE_SemesterCode. Select the code to indicate when the course is offered and the length of the course. 

• Minutes Per Session – [Sections]NE_MinPerSession. Provide the average number of minutes the class meets during the entire school year. 

• Assignment Grade Level – [StaffAssignment]NE_StaffAssignGrade. Use this field to record the Grade_Taught_Code. This field is also located on the Staff Assignments page. The following values were added to the pop-up menu on both pages: 

o (42) Grades K-2 

o (43) Grades K-3 

o (44) Grades K-6 

o (45) Grades K-8 

THANK YOU!  Don't know how I missed that one!
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