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Federal Ethnicity
I was unable to attend the session on Federal Ethnicity.  I am wondering what you all are doing for this, where you are getting the information to put in, etc.    I would like some guidance, please!!
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We are sending out letters with guidelines and the form for parents to fill out today.  We have asked for them to be returned by the last day of school. We plan to update our screens and begin data input after year-end has been run.  Playing it on the safe side.

Is the form available?

I downloaded the Guide to Implementing New Federal Race and Ethnicity from the Nebraska Department of Ed website.  It has samples for you to get ideas from.


Could you explain a little more on how to find that information.  I am not finding it.  Thanks A Lot!

I found the information on the NSSRS Documents page (  Scroll down to:  Program-specific Information Race and Ethnicity

I set up a letter that we will send out this spring, but I am not sure about the form for parents and/or staff to fill out for this...does anyone have a sample they would not mind sharing???

I would be happy to send you mine, it is in a word document, I exported my students into an excel sheet then did a merge to print the students names on the document.  Send me an email and I will share:
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