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National Assessment Instrument Results - NSSRS Report
Has anyone else encountered problems uploading the new National Assessment Instrument Results template?  I keep getting errors on all records.  Apparently the portal is looking for information that is not included in this report. i.e. Testing Modification and Assessment Accountable District.  These items ARE included on the STARS Assessment Fact report, but I don't see any place to enter them for this report.

I really hope I am simply missing something really stupid here. 

Any input will be GREATLY appreciated!
1 Response to "National Assessment Instrument Results - NSSRS Report"

FYI everyone!  Got the answer from the NDE helpdesk.  On the upload page you need to change the "Data Collection" window from Year-End 2009-2010 to 2009-2010 NAI.

Guess that should have been obvious!  Huh!  Not for me!
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