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Enrollment Records
I am trying to figure something out for the seniors. Do you have someone create a enrollment record for all seniors so you can submit them to the state with a gradualted enrollment record.  Or do you leave it and fix the seniors next year. I am trying to figure out how to handle this as the high school is trying to get class ranks done prior to all this and without an enrollment record for the seniors, I will have to go in and fix these next year.

How does everyone handle this?
1 Response to "Enrollment Records"

I extract the report from PowerSchool, find my seniors, do a copy and paste to create another entry and then code that entry as a completer.  I know this isn't the easiest but it is the best solution that I have come up with. I don't think PS can handle this type of record because if you transfer them out as a completer it transfers them out of school and therefore won't roll them over in the EOY process to graduated students.
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