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Student Summary Attendance has blank days enrolled
Has anyone run accross the days enrolled column being blank. From what I can gather, it should be the days absent + days present. Mine is blank. Did I do something wrong? Or did others run accross this as well.
6 Responses to "Student Summary Attendance has blank days enrolled"

It's supposed to be blank. They decided that was unnecessary information and the template doesn't pull it anymore.

When I loaded to the state I have an error that says too many student summary days on student summary attendance. Would love to know more about the error, but can not get it to load more info from the state on it. Any Ideas?

Ok, figured it out. CDC hours and student sum hours are incorrect. Easy fix.

I ran my student attendance summary and have my days absent column 8 and my days truant column 10 as the same numbers.  After reading the NDE's description of column 10 the only number in it should be  a summary of unexcused absences.  Has anyone else run into this?

Mine is showing correctly. Maybe run and ada/adm repor to see if you get the same results.

New updated report from PS

 Nebraska Student Summary Attendance v.1.5 - fixes attendance count for students that have two school enrollments with duplicate attendance counts for the year.
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