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Course Numbers
Our district is wanting to redo our course numbers in PowerSchool.  I know at sessions I have heard that to do this, we also have to change all the ones thru dda as well.  Can someone please send me the steps I  need to follow to make sure I do this all correctly?  Please!!!
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Go to system>change course number.  That procedure will change it throughout the system.  Couldn't be easier. 


Hi Joan,

First off you do not want to re-number anything with DDA or you will run into issues.  What you want to do is first create your new course name and number in your catalog.  The name can be the same as your current course.  Once created, navigate to District à System à Change Course Number.  Type your current course number and your new course number and make the change so that it affects all schools on this server if you want.  Click submit and depending on how may historical records you have it should take a few minutes but this will do all the work for you.  It will change enrollment records, stored grades, etc.  Once you have all of your courses changed your catalog will be somewhat of a mess with double course names.  PowerSchool does not recommend deleting courses from the system however I know that some people including myself have deleted the old course numbers to clean up their/my catalog.  JUST MAKE SURE THE COURSES YOU DELETE ARE OLD COURSE NUMBERS YOU HAVE CHANGED AND NOT AN ACTIVE ONES!!!  AGAIN THIS IS DDA AND ONCE YOU HIT THE DELETE BUTTON ITS GONE, except for backups.  Hopefully this helps. 

I thought I had to export it all out and all that jazz so it wouldn't mess up stored grades.  Easy is great!!!

How do you delete the old courses after you have changed the course numbers? I really need to clean up my master course list!

Never delete any course until you assign it to a new course, as Bryan described above. The only exception to this is if you can guarantee the course has never been used. 

Once you have assigned the course to a new course, (ie: changed the course number), you go into DDA, find the old course (make sure it is the old course), click on Table View and delete the record.

Thanks!  That helps me until I get to the Table View screen, and there is no option to delete/remove or do anything but edit some information on the screen. Does it have anything to do with my administrative privileges?

I'm guessing you either clicked on Table View Setup or you are in DDE, because you should see a delete button at the bottom of the record.

In DDA, you search for the "old" course number, only one course should be found. Clicking on Table View will pull up only this course record, it will display the record in detail, and you should be able to go to the bottom of the screen and click the delete button.

I was in DDE, and I can't find DDA on PowerSchool. Any ideas?

Since it is a security issue and probably not the best to post on an open forum, I'll email you. 
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