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Student Grades Report
Our school stores grades at all quarters and both semesters.  In grades 9-12 we only have semester classes but the Jr. High have quarter classes.  My problem is that when I pull the student grades report, it is pulling an entry for high school student for each quarter and semester so I have an entry for all the quarters and both semester.....way too much information.  I have to ask the report to pull by quarters and semesters so that I get the courses completed for Jr. High students but then it pulls all of these duplicate records for my high school students.  Any suggestions? 
Thanks in advance,
Lori Peters
Logan View Public Schools
4 Responses to "Student Grades Report"

If you have separate schools set up in PowerSchool for 9-12 and 7-8 (i.e.  Logan View High School and Logan View Junior High School), you can select just one school at a time for the data extract.  After selecting the school you want, select the Reporting Periods you want (just S1 and S2 for high school, for example); CTRL-click (PC) or Command-click (Mac) will let you select multipe Reporting Periods.

Of course, this will give you two .csv files to work with that will need to be combined before final submission.

Unfortunately, my Jr and Sr. High are set up in one school.  I will try selecting a group of students and running the term needed for that group.  Thank you for answering my next question which was do I have to combine the data before I send it up or can send up separate submissions. 

The Stored Grade Term selection on the Student Grades report page only relates to students in grades 9-12. The reason for this is grades are only reported 9-12, so records are pulled from two different tables. For 9-12, the records are pulled from Store Grades table (hence the selection of store codes), and for K-8 the records are pulled from the CC table. The terms for K-8 records will be automatically selected from the term length of the course. 

Lori if you only select S1 & S2, you should get only the S1 & S2 records for the 9-12 students and you will still get the quarter classes for your JH students.

You are right Wayne.  I tried it that way from the advice of another user and it worked perfectly.  It is good to know where it is pulling the data from.  Thank you so much for the response.
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