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Race and Ethnicity Letter
Does anyone have a letter or a form they would like to share?  I need to notify parents and staff and need a form they can fill out and give to me.  Just thought if there was already one created, I would not have to go to the effort to do it again.
4 Responses to "Race and Ethnicity Letter"

Kathy, I  have two forms we are looking at ... I think we are going with the shorter letter...

I have it on if you send me your email, I'll send it...or is there a way to put reports on this site?

Joan - you'll have to create an original post.  Click on the Publishing link to the right. Then Add an Article. Type something in the window.  When you want to insert the link to the document, look in the toolbar at the top of the editor's window and click on the icon that looks like a document with a paperclip on it. Select  the Upload button at the top, then the Select button.  Navigate to your document and click Open. Then Upload at the bottom.  It will now appear in the list of docuements.  Make sure it's selected and then click Insert.  A link to it will now appear in the text.

Click Save as Draft. If it looks like what you want, click on teh pencil above your post.  Scroll to the bottom and click on Take out of Draft Mode.  Scroll down again and choose an appropriate TAG or enter one of your own. Then scroll down and click Save Article. 

It will now appear on the PowerSchool Community.

I would also like to have a copy of it for Franklin.  Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Graci..I'll do that!
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