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I know there has been a lot of discussion on schedules.  We have rolled over to the new year and I was going to put in the new students schedules and update some of our students schedules that brought them in last minute (ha surely not our students).  Powerschool is not letting me enroll students in classes.  It is giving me an error message (Unable to create section enrollment record in database).  When I look at my courses the sections are showing up but the enrollment in saying 0.  Those students that had schedules when we rolled over are showing up that they are enrolled on their quicklook ups.  Also when I try to run teachers schedules with number of students in their classes the schedules are there but it is saying 0 enrolled.  I'm sure this is an easy step that I forgot somewhere along the line but if someone could help me out with this I would appreciate it.  Thanks!
1 Response to "Schedules"

#1 thing is to make sure your calendar is setup correctly.

Then to get the teacher schedules' class count (size) to not show zeroes try running the following special operations from System > Special Operations. 1) RebuildSchedules and Rosters 2) Reset Class Counts.

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