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New PowerSchool State reports
Ok, some days i feel stupid, but I have downloaded the new reports and restarted both PS and Tomct. I go to the new state reports and click and nothing happens. Myabe this is a glimps into how this year will go with state reporting. Does anyone have an idea on what step I may have missed. I went through the documentations and can nto figure it out. Maybe need a bigger hammer.
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You are using the new reports with ReportWorks? The old legacy reports wouldn't work if you were using Custom Management and had customization turned on.

Don't know if that's an issue with the ReportWorks, but something you can try.

I am not using custom page managment. I must be missing something. I go to reports, state reports, and click on the student report and nothing happens.

Do i need to do something different?

I tested the state reports in a school; and when I click on one, a popup window appears to fill in parameters (dates, school, etc.) I think I read somewhere that whenever you change your ReportWorks Preferences, you need to restart Tomcat (which you have already done.)

I copied this from PowerSource Nebraska State Reporting Tech Notes - Monday, August 2, 2010 which you have probably read, too. I would probably create a ticket in PowerSource or call them.

"What version of PowerSchool is required? To make use of this new State Reporting Platform, Nebraska districts will need to move to PowerSchool version 6.2.1 by August 15, 2010.

The updated Nebraska state reports that run on the new State Reporting Platform are targeted for release in the August 13, 2010 state reporting release.

LDAP Users Please Note: Due to an issue found with LDAP and State Reporting Platform, the minimum PowerSchool version required for LDAP users will be PowerSchool is targeted for release the first week of August. Nebraska LDAP users will need to move to PowerSchool version no later than August 15, 2010, to ensure functionality with State Reporting Platform.

Is any additional setup required?
The new State Reporting Platform reports are integrated with the ReportWorks component in PowerSchool.

•If you have already configured ReportWorks Preferences, no additional setup is required.
•If you have not configured ReportWorks Preferences, please refer to the "ReportWorks Preferences" section of the ReportWorks Setup Guide. This section will provide steps for configuring the scheduler node for the report queue. As a reminder, please restart Tomcat nodes in your environment after configuring ReportWorks Preferences."

 We are getting the same thing. Wayne was saying that a customization was causing it. Still looking into as we have like no customizations going. Our NSSRS guy is getting a little bit nervous over it.

My state staff templates are not showing the new updated information (ie. grade taught code 52 K-5).  How do we know if we have the latest report versions.  I want to start working on my staff data as it is due Sept. 15th.

It is working on the servers I work with. This is what I would try: (I'm sure you have already done this)
1) Shut down PowerSchool
2) Reinstall the NE state upgrade
3) Restart the server (Pearson doesn't say this has to be done, but I've seen it help)
4) Restart PowerSchool
5) Shut down Tomcat and restart it.
6) Cross your fingers and see if it works.

BTW: Gary, your PS server is running the old state reports and the reason your state reports wont run is b/c customizations is on. If you turn customizations off, the state reports will run, BUT you should upgrade to the new version of the state reports.

What are you referring to "NE state upgrade"?

From here on out, the nebraska state reports will be updated in almost the same fashion as you do to upgrade PowerSchool.

Go to PowerSource/support/downloads/Powerschool/state reporting installers/nebraska.

Just follow the instruction. Fairly easy to install. Getting it to run has been my issue. Will restart everything once people are off the server.

Pearson did a complete rewrite of the state reports. The main benefit is the reports will run much faster. The major change is the state reporting upgrades are no longer installed automatically. You must download the state reporting upgrade installer from PowerSource. PowerSource > Support tab > Downloads > PowerSchool > State Reporting Installer. This is similar to how you do an upgrade to PowerSchool, so you must shutdown PowerSchool and then install the upgrade.

Wow, thanks guys.  I was sick for most of the month of August but how did I miss that?!  What would I do without you?

If my old state reports are working, do I really need to install the new reports before the staff reports are due in Sept.  I'm really hesitant (scared to death is more like it) to update with all the issues I've read about here.
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