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Found three issues today
Issue 1 is that staff id's and passwords are dissappearing. This is a known issue. There are two fixes according to articleid 61135, The second is in a comment under the article and did work for me. I just choose not to put it in my custom folder as I hope they have a fix soon for this. Causes issue. Just make sure if you see this not to submit the teachers security page or you will blank ou the password. Just refresh the screen

Issue 2: For those that use image servers. If you upgrade to the new state reports, be sure to copy your images and scripts folder to it as well. Otherwise it no "worky"

Issue 3 is the new unique ID report. I have submitted a case and the number is
00746578 - Unique-ID State ID Request File report does not have correct record count and transmission ID error

On the new report for student id's

the last record is supposed to have a record number count that includes
the header and footer in the count. The count that it gives excluded the
header and footer so it is always two off.

Second thing I am unclear on, but the error I get at the state is the following
Upload failed for the following reasons:

The trailer record in the uploaded file is missing a Transmission ID.

The file you attempted to upload has been saved to the database and can
be downloaded using the Extract & Download Batch feature. The batch
number assigned to this file is 86929 Fix The Above Errors And Resubmit
New File
Contact DE for Assistance.

When I look at the header and footer, there is a Trans ID and they are
the same number. I am wondering if the TransID is in the wrong field number or not seperated by a tab.

Attached is the files I uploaded and received the error on.
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