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New State reports dot working
Has anyone tried the new state reports for NSSRS?  I have tried student, staff, enrollment and get the same result for all of them.  It does nothing.  Is there a trick to making them work or do I just need to contact Tech support?  (These are the reports that have that little comma looking thing in the blue box).  I am on 6.1.0 and all the reports say version 1.0
Kathy Rowell
4 Responses to "New State reports dot working"

I'm pretty sure you have to be on the most current version of PS for them to work. Mine work fine.

Do you use an image server. If so:

Update your image server with the new images and the scripts folder.

Yes, also, you need to be on 6.2 i think as well

I had the same problem.  I called Power School and they had to escalate it two different times.  They did finally get it working today.  My case number was 00743805 if that helps for a reference when calling Power School.
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