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Attendance Tracking
I set up Attendance Tracking as per the instructions from PowerSource in the user guide. Make sure that you have all of your attendance codes tied to a category. If you make any changes, go to Special Functions>Attendance Functions>Refresh Premier Attendance (this was the step I missed and why my middle school wasn't working).

I set 10 Semester Tracking Level Triggers at intervals of 2. Edit Unexcused Tracking Level.pdf

Then go to District Office and run the Refresh Attendance Tracking Data. 

I ran mine and then ran ADA/ADM per Student and compared the results. They seem to match up.

Don't get hung up on that "Unexcused" terminology. It just counts absences.
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10 Responses to "Attendance Tracking"

And this works even if you track attendance by MEETING and not DAILY?

What type of Attendance tracking method did you set up? Also, how does this know to look only at the current month? Example from 10/1/2010 through 10/31/2010 for any student who missed greater than two days in that time frame?

Kris, I have schools that do both, meeting and daily. It's pulling the correct info.

Greg, you must set up Percent for anything else to work, I have that set to 1. I have semester set to 2.

You can't tell if it's the current month, but the report pulls a date so that you can sort.

You don't need to know what they missed only in October, because it's cumulative from the first day of enrollment. October is >4, November >6, etc. See page 5 of the most current instructions: CDC - Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection.

I think it is cumulative and individual count for the month. How would they track the student who missed no days in August and Septemeber and then missed two days every month after that. The would never show up on the report. This report is going to be the death of me. I think I need some more clarification on this.

Yes, I just looked on the CDC and it is a count each month of who missed greater than two and the reasons AND a cumlative count of those that have missed greater than 4,6,8 etc.....

Sounds like you have the 4,6,8,10 worked out. Will it work for the more than 2 each month as well.

You're right, Greg. Sigh. At least I got part of it figured out. I guess I'll use DABS for the other.

Try this in quick export and see if it gets what you need:


You get all of them, but you can at least sort for fewer than 2.

This should work. I do have a question. What attendance tracking mode do you use. In elementaary, we take attendance two times in a day. The middle school and high school is taken every class. Do I use Meeting Period to day in each school?

I use Daily Time to Day for the elementary (we take attendance once, but enter a time if they come or go during the day) and Meeting Period to day for the middle and high schools.

Thanks for all the leg work you two are doing.  I'm learning lots from your trials. 
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