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Where is the Attendance Detail Report
In the numerous conversations about this wonderful excessive abesnce report, I reember someone saying they wiil run the Attendance Detail Report. I do not see that actall title or am I missing something. Anyone point me in the right direction please.
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It is a reporting engine report that I got from, I think, PowerDateSolutions.  It is wonderful to send with attendance letters, give you date, period, reason and comments for attendance.

I found this report and got it loaded....nice!!!  I really like the comments portion of the report but was wondering if the only place you can add a comment is through hand selecting the student and doing an attendance change.  This is the only place where I can find to add a comment...not very convenient.  Is there another way to add a comment?  Thanks!

Hi Lori,

When I enter attendance in the morning or if someone leaves during the day, I use the "Change Meeting Attendance" screen and leave my comments there.  Takes a couple seconds longer, but I think it's worth it when it comes time to notify parents of attendance issues.

Thanks Kris,
Since we are at the beginning of a month, we are going to give it a shot and try tracking attendance using the comments.  Haven't had time to dig into the Attendance Tracking piece.....

Is there a way for the teachers to add a comment since they take the attendance through PowerTeacher or must the comment only be filled in by the secretaries using PowerSchool? (The secretaries update it through PowerSchool if it is not done by the teachers)

There is not a place for teachers to add comments.  Actually I have it set up so they can only enter A for absent or P for present.  They have no other choices such as Illness, Dr, Parent Request.  I take care of that since they are usually clueless anyway.  I have a difficult enough time getting them to take attendance every period without expecting "extra" work.  LOL

Kris - I understand where you add attendance comments under "Change Meeting Attendance"; however, I was just wondering where you can review these notes later?  Are these only available through the Attendance Detail Report? I have been adding these notes under log entries.

Before I had the Attendance Detail Report I did a quick export out of the DDA Attendance table.  Search the Attendance table and filter down to the year and student you are looking for and export using: 

Not nearly as quick and easy as the Attendance Detail Report however.

Could you please tell me how you found the report?
PowerDateSolution?  I tried googling it.  Could not find.

Go to: and subscribe to be a member.  Then search for:  Student Attendance RE Reports

Kris - This is my first time to upload a file in Administrator and I just have a few questions to make sure I'm uploading it correctly.  I found the file (zip file) on Power Data Solutions and then I went into Administrator and click on "add", then "upload file" and then select the file path which is the "admin" folder, correct?  Thanks.

The Attendance Detail Report is a reporting engine report.  Go to:  >Reports .> Reporting Engine and under functions at the bottom >Load One Local Report.  Browse to find the report on your desktop. Click Import. 

The Attendance Detail Report should then appear in the list of Reporting Engine Reports. 

Be sure to read the "Read Me" sheet for info on a bit of set up you may have to do for the report to run correctly for your school.

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