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Instructional Hours Report
Since I am about ready to do this report, I thought I would ask how others are going to do this report. The rules have changed a bit. From what i understand, I need to look at last year and go off the days we had school last year. I was also told last year that the seniors leaving ealry did not count against their instructional time and this year I am being told it does.

I just want to be consistant with how others are doing it....
2 Responses to "Instructional Hours Report"

Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but I found this in my notes from the NSSRS session at ESU #10 PS Conference in August.

" Seniors need to be excused absence after they graduate for state aid purposes. NSSRS doesn’t matter. "

Another thought. If you put excused absence for seniors after they leave, how will that affect the Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection report?
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