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Advice needed on an attendance issue
I am still struggling to get my DAYS of attendance correct for state reporting and new county referral procedures.  This is what I have run into.

He have a Home Room period that is excluded from attendance at the course and section level.

When I run a quick export using dabs, it includes home room, which can reflect a 1 day difference in absences compared to the ADA/ADM by student report.

Example when I do a quick export for a student it shows 32 days attendance, 43 days membership for 11 days absent.  If I run the ADA/ADM for the same student it shows 33 days attendance, 43 days membership for 10 days absent. 

Now I have 3 questions for you:

1.  Do any of you have a home room and do you count it in attendance?
2.  Based on the info we have from the state do you think home room should be considered in attendance when we are talking days and not periods?
3.  Would anyone know the export code, other than dabs, to represent the days absent that appears on the ADA/ADM report.

Between our board policy, the state and the county I'm about to "lose it" on this attendance stuff!  Thanks for ANY input here.
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