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Historical Grades-Transfer Students
When a student transfers into our school and brings a transcript with them, many of the courses don't match up with our course.  I remember in the past there was a way to enter a generic "Transferred Class" and then in description put the name of the course.   This puts the name of the course from the other school on the transcript and in Historical Grades.   It also saves you from having to create a new course in your courses table.  Right now we are way over the limit with courses and I'm trying to clean up some things and making things more standard.

If anyone knows those steps to creating a generic Transferred Class, I would appreciate knowing. 

1 Response to "Historical Grades-Transfer Students"

I've had to do this several times. I just go into Historical Grades and do either the Single Entry or Multiple when I'm doing a whole transcript, then you can type any Course Name into that entry, it doesn't have to match any of your current courses. I haven't had any problem loading Transfer Student's Historical grades in from their other schools. Not sure if that helps but just thought I'd relay that on.
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