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Current Year in Scheduler shows 2001-2002
I think this happened last year, too, and it was showing 2000-2001, but I don't remember how or if it needs to be fixed. Can someone help me out here??


I love June :~P
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It warms my heart to know that someone else other than me is muddling through scheduling during the month of June. 

Here is what I am thinking is going on.  I think you are saying that your scheduling year is set to 2001-2002 at the top of the screen when in PowerScheduler.  If so, that is an easy fix.  Simply choose PowerScheduler, then Functions, then set scheduling year...then choose the 2011-2012 year or whatever you named your year while creating your scenario.

Hope this helps.


The first time I did that, 2011-2012 was listed, but now it's not. The list now looks like this:


I have a faint memory of it doing this last year, too. I just can't remember if it was a problem or not.

That happened to me a couple of weeks ago and somehow my current senario dates were changed to 2001-02 so I just edited the senario back to 2011-12 and then it came up under set the schedule year.

That fixed it. I had to reset the year in Years and Terms.

This is a bug in PowerScheduler. Copying the master schedule causes this issue. When you copy the master schedule, the Years & Terms of the year you are copying will replace the Years & Terms that is setup in PowerScheduler. When this happens, it changes the name of the current scheduling year in PowerScheduler to 2001-02. As mentioned above, this can fixed by going to Years & Terms in PowerScheduler and changing it to the correct year and abbreviation. Hope this will be fixed in PS 7.
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