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Live side master schedule not showing section enrollment counts
Hello there everyone!  I vaguely remember having this problem last year and don't remember the workaround.  When I am looking at our Master Schedule on the live side, it does not show the number of students enrolled in each section.  It say 0/30...but if you click on the 0 then it shows you the students enrolled.  How can I fix this so that I can quickly see how many are enrolled in each section when looking at the master schedule. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dustin Favinger

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6 Responses to "Live side master schedule not showing section enrollment counts"

Be sure your calendar is setup for 2011-2012. Then in System > Special Operations, run the Reset Class Counts.

I am having the same problem this year.  However, our secretary set up the calendar and we reset the class counts and it looked ok.  Then I got on about a week later and the counts were gone again.  I checked that the calendar was ok and reset the class counts again and nothing happened. Any suggestions???

Like Sharon said you must have your Calendar Setup done then run Reset Section Meetings first Param 1 is 2017 and the code is resetsm

I just had this issue and that is what Tech support told me to do then you can run reset class counts.

It worked for me but Calendar Setup done for the school first.


This year I pushed most of the calendar out from the district office, but we leave to counselors/attendance secretaries to finalize the calendar by entering cycle days and a bell schedule.  Without these settings, the section enrollment list doesn't work, as noted above.  

I have found that all one needs to do is add bell schedule and cycle day to the in-session settings for the first day of the term, then run reset class counts, and the section listings work.  So, if you are waiting for someone to set your calendar for the year, you can at least get section counts to work by completely setting up the first day of each term for which you have full classes.  In our case, we have semester-length classes, so we would have to do this for the first day of S1 and S2. If you use year long classes, you would only need to do your first day of school.

Thank you all.  Suzanne's instructions worked!

I have this printed out:

Any time you mess with sections, students, or if Master Schedule shows 0 students enrolled in HS classes after Post-EOY is complete run these 4 special operations:

system > special operations
*reset section meetings  
 param 1 = 2017 (Fall year value) and code = resetsm
*realyn section/schedule enrollments - just submit
*rebuild schedules and rosters - just submit
*reset class counts - just submit
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