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Importing Unique ID to PS
I managed to get my Unique IDs from NDE, but now I can't figure out how to get them in to PS. I know it's probably not that hard, but my brain is mush!!!

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If you are upgraded to PS 7.0, you go tothe Staff Edit Information then Nebraska Faculty Information (near the bottom of the page), on that page there is a spot for it!

The process isn't too bad.

1) In Excel, bring in the state ID downloaded file by Get External Data. (If you don't know what this is, count yourself lucky and ask your NSSRS person)
2) Optional, but would save a little time, rename the SSN and Gender column so they will not map in PS. You can use any name, even garbage, as long as it isn't SSN or Gender.
3) Save the file as a txt (tab delimited) file. Name it anything that makes sense to you.
4) In PowerSchool, go to a staff members Edit Information page, scroll to the bottom and click on Faculty Information link.
5) Scroll to bottom of page and enter any number in the NE Staff ID field. You need to do this so the field shows up in the field list. If the field is not at the bottom of this page, you need to have the latest state upgrade installed.
6) Go to Special Functions > Import/Export > Quick Import
7) Select the Teachers table
8) Browse to your saved file from step 3.
9) All other fields can be the default.  (Suggest Field Map box should be checked)
10) On the next field mapping page, map:
Local_Staff_ID  =>  TeacherNumber
LastName  =>  Last_Name
FirstName  =>  First_Name
NDE_Staff_ID  =>  NE_StaffID
11) Check the box "Exclude First Row"
12) Check the box "Update teacher records if an imported...."
13) Click submit

I would now delete out all the staffs' SSN numbers, unless you know you have a use for them. Before you delete though, I would export out the Teacher_Number, First_Name, Last_Name & SSN. Then save this file in a secure location. This way, if in the next few months you find out you need this, you will have a file you can reference or import back into PowerSchool. Once a few months pass, I would delete that file.

Thanks. I guess I should have said Student Unique IDs. When I put their student_number in, it says that number is already in use. When I use ID, there isn't anything to map it to.

The student unique id field in PowerSchool is state_studentnumber
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