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NSSRS Reports Due October 17th
Has anyone else had any trouble running the reports that are due on the 17th.  ALL of mine FAIL!  Any ideas?????  I know it's only the 30th, but I'm already starting to freak!!!
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I have all my reports done with the exception of SPED and I did not have any trouble loading or getting them through verification.  What kind of errors are you getting?

I cannot get them to run in PS at all.  They all FAIL in reportworks.

Go through System Reports to State Reports

I do know that.  When I try to run the reports they start out as pending, go to running and then FAIL!

Are you hosted or do you have your own server? If you have your own server there is a setting in report works under System Administrator>ReportWorks Administration>Preferences.  Make sure that the Scheduler Node is your server ip address and that the Address and port is your ip address:portnumber/powerschool-sdkhttpinvoke. If you change the values you will need to restart the reportworks service.

Thank you both for your responses!  We are hosted and I have opened a case with PS.  Just thought I'd check here since they don't always respond in a very quickly or satisfactorily!


I'm having the same problem. I'm on the phone with PowerSchool right now.

Alan Bone
Westside Community Schools

Finally got a call from support today.  When then did the upgrade last week they forgot to open the ports!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I am finally good to go. 
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