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NSSRS Student Report not pulling transfers out
I can't get the Student report to pull the kids who transferred out over the summer no matter what dates I put in. What am I missing? Do I need to go in and change the transfer date to a date after school started?

I am running Student report version 1.2.
2 Responses to "NSSRS Student Report not pulling transfers out"

I always cushion my calendar a week before school actually starts and exit my summer transfers one day after the start of the calendar.  I use the calendar to mark days in session but then my summer transfers show up for the student report and the school enrollment report.  They don't show up in June for the student summary attendance (which is what I want).  I don't know if this is the right way but it's been working for us.  

Peggy, with the students who transferred out over the summer, I change the entry date to 07/30/2011 and the exit date to 07/31/2011. When I run the Student Report and the School Enrollment for the October 17 submission (which is the initial submission for the 11-12 school year) I use 07/30/2011 for the start date and the end date would be the date you are running the report. That way all of the transfer out students are reported. Then any other submission for the remainder of the school year I use 08/01/2011 as the start date. As advised by our tech support through ESU5 we use 08/01/2011 as an enrollment date and 06/01/2012 as an exit date. That way we have some play in our school calendar. I hope this helps you with your exports.
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