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Attenance question
I was curious if anyone could help me with one or both of these questions. I am setting up attendance from scratch and need some assistance. Can I:

1. Set up attendance so that in the elementary if a parent calls in a student sick, I put and Absent code in and if a student comes in late, I put the time in they came. Then ada would add up the minutes absent and convert to days missed.

2. Is it possible to have a tardy code count in ADA/ADM? Currently, out attendance method is set to Period to Day attendance and I can not get Tardies to calculate correctly as being an absent code when we use period to day attendance.

Not sure if I have made sense, but I sure could use a little help on this. Thanks
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3 Responses to "Attenance question"

With Period to Day, some elementary schools I work with use 1/4 of a day periods or 1/2 day periods. A tardy is counted as present. Each school has a time determined when it is no longer a tardy, but an absence.

Does that make sense? The 1/4 day periods is probably a little more accurate.

Conversion for 1/2 period days:
Absent 0 per - 1
Absent 1 per - .5
Absent 2 per - 0

Conversion for 1/4 period days:
Absent 0 per - 1
Absent 1 per - .8
Absent 2 per - .5
Absent 3 per - .2
Absent 4 per - 0

One school I work with uses Code to Day in the Elementary.

There codes and conversions are:
Present - 1
Tardy - 1
Absent - 0
Absent Excused - 0
Absent Unexcused - 0
Medical - 0
School Activity - 1
Testing, visits, etc. - 1
Left Early - .1 (they must want to keep track of this, other wise you could use 7/8)
In School Suspension - 1
Out of School Suspension - 0
1 eighth - .9
2 eights - .8
3 eights - .7
4 eights - .5
5 eights - .3
6 eights - .2
7 eights - .1

You may want to revise it as I'm not sure how they keep track of Medical appts where they are only gone for an hour or 2. Maybe on paper; it's a small school. Plus you may use codes they don't & vice versa.

When you run the ADA/ADM by Student report, it calculates it by day. The ADA/ADM by Minutes is by total minutes not minutes per student.

Not sure what to tell you on the Tardy. It seems that this school counts them present all day if they are tardy a little bit. If they miss 1/8 of the day, they assign the 1/8 absence, not a tardy.

Hope this gives you a guideline to help you.

This does. Now I need to see if I want to change the way we do attendance now that we are a quarter in. May mess things up. Was thinking of going from Period to day to Code to Day. One more question. I noticed that the Tardy Code had a 1 by it as well. Is this just so you can search points from the main student screen. If so, how are you searching these....Do you use Attendance_Points>2 for example

I would probably wait until next year if you change. Otherwise, call PS & see what they suggest. In a small school you could print a report of all the absences, change the method and reenter, but I think you are in a big school which would make it a lot of work.
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