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Warning about correcting overlapping enrollments
I tried to clean up some overlapping enrollments for a student the other day and it wiped out everything!!! All her enrollments, assignments, attendance! PS Support said that this is a known issue and directed me to Article 64217. It is supposed to be corrected in the December update.
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1 Response to "Warning about correcting overlapping enrollments"

I have seen this too, but when I called tech support on Oct. 24, they did not reference article 64217 and they would not escalate the case! I called twice and even talked to a supervisor. I was sure the loss of student data wasn't user error and was caused by a PS function, but I let Tech Support's lack of interest stray me into thinking this was an isolated instance and therefor I didn't post a warning. Thanks for the warning Peggy and sorry I didn't put one out earlier.

When I found about the deleted records, three days had passed, so we didn't want to do a flashback. We went to a test server and rolled it back to before the function was run. This allowed us to get the two students' data, which was manually reentered.
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