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I just received a call from Pearson doing a license audit for our PowerSchool numbers.  In the past we did not have to pay for kids who were enrolled in PowerSchool strictly for state reporting reasons - the non-public students receiving Title I or SPED services from our district who don't attend school here.  We just paid for the number of students we actually have attending that are 100% FTE.  Our account rep says that we now need to pay the $18 per student fee for those non-public students as well.  Has anyone else had this experience? Thanks!
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They tell us that every year.  We have been on PowerSchool since 2001.  We never paid for them before and we fight them every year that we are not paying for them.  The audit person said she was going to send it on to our account person.  So far we are not paying for those students.  Talk with your account person and tell them the students are only on PowerSchool for State reporting purposes and you do not do anything but update the state page and extract them for reporting purposes.  You should not have to pay for them. 

I was also under the assumption schools didn't have to pay for students who were not enrolled in classes and were only entered into PS b/c of state reporting. I recently have heard of another school now being told they have to pay for these students. 

Does anyone have any documentation, such as an email, indicating they didn't have to pay for these students in the past?

I agree, and that's who I ended up talking to, our account rep.  He says they are now going to charge for them.  Mike Hernandez is the account rep for all of the Nebraska schools under 3000, and he says they just haven't audited regularly, that's why we haven't been charged in the past.  But I got a call every year asking for my numbers, so I know that's not true.  VERY frustrating.  I told him that I would contact the NE-PSUG groups and see what info I got from them.  I'm curious to hear what the account rep for the larger schools is saying...

We just got that call and I hope I can stop that check from going out.  If anyone has documentation I would like it also.
Thanks so much for posting this.  I should have asked this awesome community first before jumping.  Those sales people were so convincing. 

I just got off the phone with Mike Hernandez, Pearson's NE sales rep for schools < 3000. He says if this is a concern of yours, please send a "strong" email to him explaining the situation and requesting the pre-school kids not be counted in your enrollment numbers. His email is The more emails he receives, the stronger the case. For schools over 3,000 students, you will need to contact your rep.

Thanks, Wayne.  I'll be happy to put in my two cents :)

I am on it very "strongly"!  Thanks for the info.

I have good news. I just got off the phone with Mike Hernandez,  Pearson's NE sales rep for schools < 3000. He said if you have been audited and are over your licenses due to pre-school kids who are enrolled in PS solely for the purpose of the NSSRS report, you are to contact him and he will evaluate your situation. It is my personal belief that if you can show the kids are only enrolled because of the NSSRS report, there is a good chance you will not have to buy licenses for them. Note this is probably a year to year decision.

You can reach Mike at
or 916.288.1743.

Thanks Wayne, and everyone else! This just goes to show that there is power in numbers!  I, too, just got a message from Mike with good news - and I am assuming that means I won't be charged for those extra kids.  And just an FYI for all of you from schools who provide SPED or Title I services:  In our situation these kids aren't pre-schoolers, they are Title I and SPED kids grades K-12 who attend the non-public (Catholic) school in our town.  We send someone out to provide them services a couple of hours each week.  They have to be reported in NSSRS, but have never set foot in our building.  So spread the word!

I just had a thought about  St. Mary's school a parochial school who comes over to just have lunch.  We have to put them into Power School for state reports.  Should we have to count them?

who just comes over for lunch.  We have to put them into power school because of state reporting.  What about them?

I would just like to chime in.  We are a Lutheran school using PowerSchool.  We already have to pay for each of our students.
If PowerSchool charges for students who attend a parochial school, and then charges the public school who has the same student on the system for reporting purposes only, then PowerSchool may be getting twice the money for each student.

I am so glad you added your comment.  At least 3 of the parochial schools we have on our PowerSchool for State Census, Special Ed and Title services do have PowerSchool.
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