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NSSRS Grades Report
Does anyone know how to assign Dual Credit to a course in PowerSchool?  Such as a course taken for dual credit through Southeast or Northeast on line or off site.
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Currently, there is no place to set this in PS. Pearson is supposed to release an update on Feb. 10. I have been told this and other needed changes will be in this update. 

I do not believe the Student Grades report is worth running, until the update is released. From my testing, it is still pulling the staff's SSN instead of the NE unique staff ID. I believe the latest update of the Student Grades report is version 1.5.

Thank you!  I will stop stressing over this (for a while!)

I didn't have the report pulling two columns for the report-one of which was the dual credit (#32) or the column for controlling district code (#33) in addition to it not pulling the NDE ID-this is the email I got today-at least Wayne has a target date :)


Case number 01004141 has been assigned to a PowerSchool support agent, and is currently pending futher investigation. While in this status, your case is assigned to a support agent, however, it may not be immediately addressed due to other assigned cases of a higher priority.

The support agent will contact you when they are ready to continue the investigation.

Pearson Technical Support <>Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 2:37 PMTo: "" <>Tanya,

The update in requirements to the state report you indicated in your case are currently being addressed and will be included in a future state reporting update for Nebraska.  Please watch for any of these updates and their corresponding release notes.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or need further assistance with this issue.

Thank you,

Ken Harlan
Senior Technical Support Specialist, School Systems

---Original Case Description---

I am currently running version 1.5 on my student grades report.  I have been trying to upload my state reports, but am getting errors.  For the state staff id, it is pulling from their ssn (which is how it had to be last year-this is something they've changed for this year).  There are also two more columns that need to extract information that I don't show as pulling any information...they care column 32 Dual credit code and column 33 controlling district code.  Do we already have an update for this, or is there one that is coming up soon?  Thanks
PS the instruction manual I have for state reporting is from november 23, 2011 version 6.2.0


I spoke with Kristi Kuhns our support at ESU5 regarding the Student Grade report and the new state reports update will be out on February 10 from Pearson. It should correct all of the problems and pickup the columns missing. Hope this helps!

I've updated our state reports and am still having trouble with Student Grades report. The main problem is that it's only pulling 9 of 10 digits in the NDE Staff ID. Anyone else having this problem?

The latest PS update and state report update should have fixed this problem. 

Do you have the NDE Staff ID on the Faculty Information page specially for NSSRS reporting?   At the bottom of the Staff Demographic page there is a link to take you to Faculty Information and at the bottom of the Faculty Information page it says NDE Staff ID.    We didn't have the ID listed in this box so the Student Grades report would not pull the ID in.     Just something for you to check.

You should be running Student Grade report 1.8. After the February 10 update I ran my student grade report for the first semester and did not have any problems.
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