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PS 6 users - IMPORTANT NE state updates info
If you haven't updated to PS 7, you probably are aware Pearson isn't updating the State reports for PS 6 after Jan. 1, 2012. We have known this for some time. Unfortunately, changes to the state reports that NDE released on April 4, August 11, and November 23 were not implemented into the state reports prior to the Jan 1 deadline. Most of the recent changes released by NDE have to deal with the Student Grades Report. If these were minor changes, where we could run the report and do some simple massaging of the data, it wouldn't be a critical issue. Unfortunately, all the changes aren't minor. The key one is the report pulling the new staff unique state ID instead of the SSN. 

It was my understanding Pearson would have a PS 6 state reporting update for any changes NDE identified, as long as the changes were published well in advance of the Jan 1, 2012 deadline. I believe NDE's changes were sufficiently ahead of the deadline, especially the April and August releases. I have expressed my extreme displeasure over this situation to Pearson's NE state reporting rep, Wyatt Gaylor and to Pearson's NE state sales rep, Michael Hernandez. I will be having a conference call with them and the director of state reporting early next week. If your school is still on PS 6 and this is a major issue, please send me an email ( or post to this article. Also, I would recommend you contact Michael Hernandez at or 916-288-1743. He is expecting your communications.

I would hope that if there is enough concern of this matter, Pearson would publish a state reporting update for PS 6. Another solution to this is migrating to PS 7. From what I have seen, PS 7 has been very stable and many schools when they migrated also switched to have Pearson host their servers and this seems to be going very well so far. If you are a small school, the cost to have them host your server is minimal, especially compared to the cost of a new server. You can discuss this option with Michael.
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2 Responses to "PS 6 users - IMPORTANT NE state updates info"

We're still on PS 6 and need to be able to work with state reports. I'll send an email to Michael Henandez, as well.

Thanks for catching this, Wayne.

If you have more than 3000 students the contact is Jim Swaney His phone is 573-446-5869 office or 573-823-0610 mobile
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