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Point of Sale
We are currently using PowerLunch with customized screens for our meal tracking.  We contract with LunchTime Solutions.  They would like us to look into a POS system that would give them more information as to what the student is purchasing or eating.  Is anyone using such a POS  with PowerSchool and would you recommend it.  You may contact me offline if you wish.  I appreciate your insight.  Kathy
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3 Responses to "Point of Sale "

We are using the A La Carte  version of PowerLunch which gives you the option to enter just about any information you want such as Ice Cream, Jerky, Fruit Roll ups, Extra main entree etc.  Don't know if that will help but you could check it out on PowerSource.

I saw this solution on another post, but I know LTS is wanting to look at vendor based solution.  I would love to stay with local customizations and not involve another 3rd party software solution.  Thanks

We use Lunchtime Solutions and have just switched over to PowerLunch from a 3rd party vendor.  It looks like we can provide all the information that LS is wanting using the A La Carte customization, but I don't think they were in favor of us using PowerLunch.
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