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Thank You!
Just wanted to say thank you for a great NePSUG Conference!   It was GREAT!!!

Does anyone remember where Nancy O'Donnell was going to post the code for the "Daily Bulletin Attendance"?  I was pretty excited about using that!   Thanks....
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The code is now available on the PSUG website.  Does anyone know how to make this work if we use meeting attendance vs. daily attendance?  I tried it but I am not getting any results and I'm thinking it has to do with how we have out attendance set up.  Thanks in advance!

I cant' get it to work either....darn it!  I get the table but that's it!   Any advice out there?   We use meeting as well?

I was wondering if someone can re-post the link to this information.  I am still wanting to try this, if I can.

Joan or Lori - did you ever get this to work?

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten it to shouldn't take much tweaking...just can't figure it out.  If someone would like to look at to see what we can do to make it work, I would gladly send you the coding for you to look at.  Thanks in advance if anyone is willing to take this on!!!

I got this to work for us except for the fact that our attendance mode is by period.  I got that changed in the coding, but still have one thing I'd like, and that is to put the period number in instead of the date for the one column.  The code for that is

Does anyone know how to change that to reflect the period number instead of the date?  I've tried a number of things, but just can't get it!

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