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Report Cards - Elem

 Here is the issue. Grades not printing on report cards for 2nd graders.
Giving a blank.

1. This is for a PE class.

2. K-2 are in the class and enrolled in all the same class, 3 PE.

3. Grades are entered for all kids in this class for the semester. Dates
were checked in the gradebook.

4. Different report cards for each grade, K report card, 1st grade
Report card.......

5. K and 1st Grade PE grades are showing up on their report cards. 2nd
Grade are not.

6. Checked code (object reports cards) on all report cards. All the same
for every report card

7. Checked DDE, all stored grades are in there for all kids.

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6 Responses to "Report Cards - Elem"

Pick a student and then look at Historical Grades to see if a blank record got stored (it will show a dash).

There are grades in the StoredGrades table. 

On a student page, click on Historical Grades in the left-hand column.

You might also check the course/section to make sure that it wasn't exempted from report cards. I've accidentally done that.

We've been having issues here since after 1st quarter with our Elementary grades on report cards-I plan on using these suggestions to see if that helps us. :)

Thanks Peggy!! We got it. Had a over lapping enrollment. Once I took care of that and stored grades, it came up. Thanks!!
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