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CRDC Report
I did some investigating just to see what fields I might need to have populated in PowerSchool for this report to extract correctly and I found this website which was helpful to at least see what data the CRDC was wanting.  Here is the web site and the instructions for the 2011-2012 school year are at the bottom.
Happy Reporting ;-)  Does anyone know if we will upload this to the portal or is this something we print out and send somewhere?
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1 Response to "CRDC Report"

If you download the updated State Reporting Setup Guide from PowerSource, you get instructions on how to set things up in PS. However, it prints out a pdf and you need a .csv file to upload to the CRDC site. I used the pdf as a worksheet to enter data on the site, which isn't rocket science, just horribly tedious.

I was cooking right along through this until I got to the high school information for Part 2. They want to know the number of students who passed Algebra I. There's a place on the District page to put in store codes, but nothing I'm putting in seems to be extracting any data to the report. Is anyone else running into this? What are you using?
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