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Custom Page-Test Scores
I have a custom page set up for test scores for students in  powerschool, but it is very simple.  I was wondering if any of you have one that you use that you would share with me and see if it would be more complete than what I have started?
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What kind of test scores? I have one page for ACT Tests and another for ASVAB, PLAN, and SAT scores. The pages could be modified for whatever tests you want to enter. Can we upload files to this list serve or do I need your email to send them to you separately.

You can do Test Scores by setting up your tests at District > Tests or some tests can be entered through the student's page - State/Province - NE > Assessment Fact for National Instrument Results.

Is anybody keeping track of NeSA scores in PowerSchool?  I was just going to set up a custom screen/fields for NeSA scores or should I set it up as Sharon suggested?  Any advice?

I have set up a NeSa Math and Reading test in the student Test Scores page  I just enter the percent for Math Scale
Number Sense, Geometry/Measurement, Algebraic, and Data Analysis/Probablility nad for Reading the percent scale Score, Vocabulary, Comprehension.

Then we do NWEA and I have a Test Score page and I also import into the State Province screen for National Instrument Results.  My test score screen has all the main topics for the 2 times we take the test and the National Instrument only has the last time we take the test for 3 & 5 grades.

We would have Dibels, NeSa, NWEA, ACT, Plan, etc.     I have added some tests in the District, but would like some kind of page that is easy to view and use.

Do you keep them all or just the new scores each year?

We keep them all in Columbus for history

Suzanne, I am not sure how you do this and keep in history if you are using the test scores within the Test Scores Page?  Do you put them in several times with years?

Yes I create a new test event for every grade level the student is at.  So they a NeSa Reading for 4 grade, A NeSa Reading for 5 grade. etc.

Does anyone have a quick export or an export template or a report to pull these scores out of PowerSchool?  I have a report to pull ACT's but I can only get:  best, first or last.  I can't get it to pull ALL scores.

Sharon Van Cleave, can you send me your pages?

Kris, I work with a school that wants up to 4 ACT scores printed on the transcript. This is what I entered on their Transcript object report. Don't know if that is what you are looking for. If it is, you will need to change to your test names, etc.

^(tests;name=ACT;score=Composite;which=first; score=Composite;result=date)<TABTO 6.1>^(tests;name=ACT_2;score=Composite_2;which=first;score=Composite_2;result=date)<TABTO 6.7>^(tests;name=ACT_3;score=Composite_3;which=first;score=Composite_3;result=date) <TABTO 7.3>^(tests;name=ACT_4;score=Composite_4;which=first;score=Composite_4;result=date)
^(tests;name=ACT;score=Composite;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.1>^(tests;name=ACT_2;score=Composite_2;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.7>^(tests;name=ACT_3;score=Composite_3;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0) <TABTO 7.3>^(tests;name=ACT_4;score=Composite_4;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)
^(tests;name=ACT;score=English;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.1>^(tests;name=ACT_2;score=English_2;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.7>^(tests;name=ACT_3;score=English_3;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0) <TABTO 7.3>^(tests;name=ACT_4;score=English_4;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)
^(tests;name=ACT;score=Math;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.1>^(tests;name=ACT_2;score=Math_2;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.7>^(tests;name=ACT_3;score=Math_3;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0) <TABTO 7.3>^(tests;name=ACT_4;score=Math_4;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)
^(tests;name=ACT;score=Reading;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.1>^(tests;name=ACT_2;score=Reading_2;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.7>^(tests;name=ACT_3;score=Reading_3;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0) <TABTO 7.3>^(tests;name=ACT_4;score=Reading_4;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)
^(tests;name=ACT;score=Science;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.1>^(tests;name=ACT_2;score=Science_2;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.7>^(tests;name=ACT_3;score=Science_3;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0) <TABTO 7.3>^(tests;name=ACT_4;score=Science_4;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)
^(tests;name=ACT;score=Writing;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.1>^(tests;name=ACT_2;score=Writing_2;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)<TABTO 6.7>^(tests;name=ACT_3;score=Writing_3;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0) <TABTO 7.3>^(tests;name=ACT_4;score=Writing_4;which=first;type=num;result=value;format=##0)

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