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Activities -Course
I set up a period for activities so we can have a roster and the coaches can have easy access to grades/demographics, etc.  This will also help us track activities.

I set up the sections to not count attendance, not count towards ada/adm, etc.  However, if the office goes in and marks someone gone all day for any reason, of course it fills in that period and includes it on reports, even though it doesn't count.

Did I set up something wrong, because they don't want to see that nor have the parents get something that says their child was gone from Basketball?   

Please let me know what you did differently. 


Joan Ibarra
12 Responses to "Activities -Course"

What report is this appearing on?

I'm not sure but I do know that for the Absentee Report, it does show that they are gone for that period.  Even though it doesn't count, it is confusing parents and the office?

Hmmm...I do see the point now.  I guess I've just never had anyone question it.  If I come up with anything I'll let you know.

That's how we have ours set up, and we haven't had anyone question the attendance portion for it. 

Thanks.  The school had been begging for the teachers/coaches to have access to their activities and athletics' kids.  This was perfect I thought!    Can I put in attendance for that period ahead of time?  It would still change if the office put in an all day absent...

We call ours P9, and it is for any extra-curriculars.  Then we just set up courses according to the EC name.  I show a column on my attendance report, but I do not have a slot in the bell schedule for P9, so it doesn't give me any itemized info on the attendance report.

So you don't add it to the bell schedule?

So you don't add it to the bell schedule?

I took it out of the bell schedule, but when you go to "edit meeting attendance, it is there so if they "set all" it will include that period.

Joan, the way I do it is add an extra period to the end of the day that is not included on the bell schedule. That way the teachers have access to the students but it does not show on the attendance screens. We also use this for 'extra' classes that we do not want attendance marked in addition to activities and sped tracking.

If you have removed it from the bell schedule, I am not sure why it would be showing on your attendance screens.

Maybe I have to log out or something.   I'll try again.

Thank you so much!  I hadn't thought that through, and it works great, so no more issues!   Thanks again!
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