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Teacher recommends for class registration
We've opened Class Registration to our students for next year. Teachers make student recommendations through PowerTeacher that allow students to enroll in courses that require them, such as Journalism or AP European History. But teachers can only recommend students who are currently in their own classes. How do you allow teachers to have access to all students in the school? We've created a course called "Whole School Recommendations," but how would I give all teachers access? Any ideas? Thanks!
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PowerSchool has a new feature that allows you to tie more than one teacher to a section. It is found in the section screen. I don't know if there is a limit to how many teachers are tied to a section. You could create a generic teacher and have everybody log in under that teacher to make the recommendations.

I know some schools would not want to give all teachers access to all students' information:attendance, grades, demographic info, etc. 

Great idea. I'll propose it. Thanks, Wayne!
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