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Online Fee Collection
Is anyone using a fee management program that allows parents to pay for lunch, fees, activity pass and such with a credit or debit card.

If you are, who pays the fee?  Are you charging the user or is the district paying the fee?

We would like a system that integrates with PowerSchool.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

2 Responses to "Online Fee Collection"


The one we have been looking at but haven't bit the bullet is eFunds for Schools. The cost is passed to the parents in the form of a convenience fee.  The last time we spoke it was a flat fee per transaction of $2.49 for credit and debit cards. The system is able to split the transactions if parents want to pay multiple accounts which can be routed different for auditing purposes.  I believe it integrates with PowerSchool but we use a separate lunch system.

Anyone using something else that has a lower per transaction rate?

We use eFunds and are real happy with it.  Parents do pay the fee. It does cost more with credit cards, they only charge $1.00 to use an echeck.  We only use it for the lunch program. We may expand later for school fees. The district can pay the fees if they prefer but it is costly. We have elected to have the parents pay for the service.
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