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PowerScheduler reports ?
Is there a way to create a report in PowerScheduler that would pull incoming students' course requests ... so that each student appears on a separate page? There's a built-in report to pull the same information but it lists the students alphabetically with no easy way to print each student to a separate page.


Jane Campbell
for Marian High School
3 Responses to "PowerScheduler reports ?"

I don't believe there is one built into PowerScheduler that will give you one page per student requests. 

There is a custom report that does this and it allows you to add text to make it into a letter format. The report is part of the Custom Reports Bundle, which contains a lot of other very handy reports. You can find the CRB on PowerSource Exchange.

I didn't find a custom reports bundle at PowerSource Exchange. Could that be the Custom Reports Bundle from Power Data Solutions?

Yes, you are correct. Sorry, I should have verified where it is located. There are several things that are in both spots, but the CRB is on PDS. Thanks for the correction!
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