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10th Annual Nebraska PowerSchool User Group Conference

10th Annual Nebraska PowerSchool User Group Conference
April 24, 2013
LaVista Convention Center

Registration is now open. Deadline is April 17!

To register, click here => NEPSUG and then click the Registration link on the left.

Registration is only $60

Besides sessions for PowerSchool administrators, there will be sessions for secretaries, counselors and people responsible for state reporting.

Session topics include:
  • Secretary - Beginning topics
  • Secretary - Advanced topics
  • Round Table for Secretaries
  • I’m a Counselor…Where’s My Training
  • Graduation Planning
  • State Reporting
  • CRDC
  • GPA, Class Rank, Honor Roll
  • Handling private students
  • MAPS uploads
  • Simple Customizations
  • Security and Users Groups
  • Test Server
  • Instant Parent Notification calling system

The following vendors will be on site:
  • Alert Solutions (School Announcement) - notification system
  • School Reach - notification system
  • LightSpeed Technologies - classroom audio
  • Registration Gateway - online registration
  • eFunds for Schools - online payments
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9 Responses to "10th Annual Nebraska PowerSchool User Group Conference"

Is there any information on special hotel rates for the conference?

Sorry, not at this time, as far as I know. It is probably something the committee will look into next year.

Maybe we could quickly do something for this year. No promises..... will update this if we have something. A question might be: do you want it for the night before, Tuesday night, or the day of, which is Wednesday, or both?

When I registered for NETA rooms at Embassy in the fall they accepted the NETA rate for PowerSchool.  Maybe they just thought I was coming in early for NETA;)  Give it a shot I guess.

The registration deadline of April 17 for the NEPSUG Conference is approaching. Get registered and join us for an information packed day! 

If you register after April 17, we will still welcome you, but you will miss out on a great meal.

Is there going to be something about the Health Records? Is the instant parent calling something I could use for calling parents if their child is ill or I need information for their files?

I know that is something you could use AlertSolutions to do.
If you had multiple students or just 1 you could create a template recording that you need student information and then choose it for a selection of students you chose in Powerschool.  School Reach is not part of the PowerSchool so not sure how that would work but I think it probably could.  AlertSolutions is there is a link to it PowerAnnouncement right on the start page of PowerSchool.  

What time does the conference start and in what room at The Embassey?

Is there an agenda posted on this site?

I found the agenda and the start time.  Thank you!
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