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Mass printing report cards showing "dropped" courses
We're printing report cards for a high school, grades 9-12. We have student who've "dropped" year-long courses at the end of first semester so they end up with grades and credit for one semester of the course. We want the final report cards to show these semester 1 "dropped courses" and grades along with the other grades.

To do this, we can select students individually and select the "includes dropped courses" option when printing the report card. But that option isn't available when we select the students as a group. Anyone know how to get around this and tell PowerSchool to show dropped courses for a large group of students?


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
Tags: Reports  report cards
2 Responses to "Mass printing report cards showing "dropped" courses"

Select the students then use this url only using your powerschool address. If you aren't hosted, you will also have something different than

It works! Thanks, Sharon!!
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