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ADA/ADM compared to Attendance Summary
I have an ADA/ADM report that I ran for my HS and it shows 170 membership.  When I run my attendance summary to upload to the state, I show a total of 171.5 (when I add days present and days absent).
After counting calendar days less snow days, I show I should have 170 days total.  I am wondering if something in my conversion is wrong...
We have an 8 period day plus an additional period that we have labeled advisory instead of a number-so it's essentially a 9 period day.  
Any suggestions??  
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1 Response to "ADA/ADM compared to Attendance Summary"

I figured this out for us.  PowerSchool is rounding up our quarter days, .25 became .3, .75 became .8.  I had to correct this in Excel for now.  We will correct our conversions in Powerschool to reflect the one decimal place limitation at the state.
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