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New teacher training ideas?
What kind of PS training do you offer for new teachers? This is my first year at a high school and I need to get the new teachers started with PowerTeacher and Gradebook. In the past, at an elementary school, I used other teachers to help the new teachers get started setting up their courses, explain weighting, etc. Does anyone have any good training materials you could share? Thanks!
3 Responses to "New teacher training ideas?"

We would be interested in PS training resources for new Teachers and new School Nurses.  Something tangible that they can put their hands on and refer back to.

I have a document that I created a few years ago that may be helpful.  I don't believe there have been too many changes since then.  If there is a way to send that to you on here I don't know how.  I will try to e-mail it to each of you.  I will send a pdf and a doc version so you can adjust anything you feel the need to.

OK so I thought I could get your e-mails but it seems I cannot.  Please e-mail me and I will respond.
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