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Parent Portal Single Sign On Issue
We enabled single sign on for parents, and I have had a couple parents be successful in setting up accounts.  The last 2, however get this message:

Valid student information must be entered

I tried to walk thru the steps for them and got the same message?  Any ideas what the problem could be?   The student web ID and web password has been put in correctly.   Help! 
7 Responses to "Parent Portal Single Sign On Issue"

I have just ran across the same problem.  I had to manually go into change guardian passwords and also go into Access Accounts and manually set up the account if they have never been in.  It will then prompt them to reset their passwords.

Not sure why it is doing this so if anyone know the reason or fix I would surely like to know.

You changed the guardian passwords? 

Yes, I changed the guardian, it was the parent that was having the problem getting in and getting started. So I reset everything just to try to figure it out.

Joan remember that it is the guardian ID and password that are needed to set up the SSO not the student.

Rebecca, this happens when the parent sets up the parent account but does not follow through and tie their students to the account. If they do that, they have an account that does not have any students associated to it. It then won't let them log in because they do not have any students. They also are unable to create a new account because their email is being used by the one they already set up. 

To fix this, you have to go in from Admin and Account Access and associate them to at least one student (they can then log in and add the rest).

Thanks Kristi for the information.  But it is aggravating for the parent because they can not get set up the first time.  I know a lot of it is them not getting the passwords in correctly.  I always have to tell them to get out totally and restart.  Our directions I think are very clear.  

I found it easier if they called me to set up the account myself and then all they have to do is reset their password as well.   I almost wish I had done this for everyone in mass somehow!   :-)
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