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Period sort order
How do you change the sort order of periods? I'm going to School Setup > Periods > Edit Period but I'm not able to change the sort order. The attendance secretary wants the attendance period ("Period Z") listed first, as it was last year. I've looked at last year's Periods and Period Z shows as 9 in the sort order. Is there a way the attendance secretary can sort periods on her end? TIA!
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6 Responses to "Period sort order"

On the Periods page, click on the Period Number you want to change and drag it to the new order location you want.  The sort order will re-arrange itself.

I spent an hour trying to figure that out? Too simple! Thanks, Ray. :-)

Does anyone know how to arrange periods on the quick look up screen?  Mine are showing up 2,4,7,1,6,5,3,8,9....haven't had this happen before. 

What browser are you using? I had a school where it worked correctly in Firefox but not Chrome.

I've seen a lot of chat on Yahoo PSUG about periods jumping in and out of sort order for the quick lookup page in v7.8.  Sounds like it might be a known issue. Here's a link to that discussion on Yahoo:

I am using IE.  Haven't had time to keep up with PSUG about what is going on with school starting.  Thanks for letting me know it could be a known issue.  I will check it out.
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