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parent emails not going out
Our district switched our email to using gmail.  Ever since that switch our parents have not been getting their PowerSchool emails.  When I look at the Outgoing Mail Queue it says they have all been completed.  Anyone else using gmail and having problems?  Any ideas what we can check?  Thanks for any help.
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
2 Responses to "parent emails not going out"

With Google Apps there is a limit on how many messages a user account can send per day.  Someone else correct me if I am wrong but the daily sending limit is 2000.  Because we are a smaller district, we are still under the limit but with a district your size, I'm guessing you are exceeding it.  Attached is our PS email config screen.  All addresses blocked out are the same.  They should be your PowerSchool gmail account.

The workaround is to contact Google to see if anything can be done or keep a server at your district just for the PowerSchool mail traffic.   

I guess there is no option anymore for attachments.  E-mail me if you want to compare or use it as a guide for setup.
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