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Class Rank report showing multiple lines for all students
There is a current bug in 7.8.0-7.8.2 that multiples the class rank records every time the class rank is re-calculated, so the CR report will show multiple entries per student. KB article #70497 explains how to delete the multiple records. In short, you go into DDA, search for YearID = 23 and delete the found records.

If you want to run the Class Rank report after you delete the records, you will need to manually recalculate the class rank.  School > Class Rank > Recalculation Frequency > Recalculate Now.  If your recalculation frequency is set to Daily, you will have duplicates tomorrow. You may want to set the frequency to Monthly or Manual until the bug is fixed.

Also, I know of a school where the class rank report was showing multiple student records, but along with pulling the current seniors, it was also pulling the seniors that graduated last year. Since we can't run Class Rank for previous years, we deleted all the records in the Class Rank table. We could have also searched for YearID >=22 and deleted the last two years of records instead of deleting all.
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4 Responses to "Class Rank report showing multiple lines for all students"

Did the recent update (7.9) fix this bug?

Yes, it fixed it.

Thanks, Bryan...our list was a mess, plus it even included some kids that already graduated.. .not sure what is going on with that!   I'll give it a try again tomorrow.

After you install the 7.9 you will need to initiate a manual recalculate in order for it to clear out the duplicate entries.  If for some reason that doesn't get rid of them, you may need to delete them going into DDA.

After that you can set it to recalculate daily (or how you had it set) once again. 
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