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Divorces parents & access
Does PowerSchool allow you to create an additional parent login/pw for those parents who are divorced? I thought I could do this by creating a new parent access account under Student > Access Accounts but it's not working. Is this even possible? I can't find anything in PowerSource about it. TIA.
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If you are using single sign-on for the parent portal, parents can create their own accounts and associate kids to those accounts with access ID and password information you set up in PowerSchool.

In theory, then, that would allow for an unlimited number of people to create accounts to view information on the same kid.  

If you are using the Parent Single Sign On feature, then each parent can create their own account. If not, then you can only assign one parent account per student.

The Parent Single Sign On works great for divorced parents, guardians, social workers, etc. They can each create their own account.

When you enable single parent sign-on, it is for the entire district. Also, if parents have set email preferences in the original account, theses will be cleared when you turn on the SSO. They will not receive emails until they create a single parent sign-on account and create email prefs there.

Yes, you can tie multiple parents to a student or students each with their own log in credentials.  You must have single sign-on enabled for this to work.

Parents can create an account on the system and then add each student to their account using their Access ID and Password you supply.  (Recommended)  The second way is you create an account for them and add students to that account.

It sounds like you are in the right place.  Student > Access Accounts.  You should see Edit, Remove and Add + links.  Click Add +.  First search the parent name to see if they have an account on the system already.  If they do, Change the Relationship and Check the Add box and click the Add button.  If no account is found you can create one for them.  Click New Parent Account.  Fill out all of their information for them.  This will automatically add the student to that parent account.  You will then need to give the parent that information.

Can you see the Access Accounts link in the student navigation menu?  If not, you will have to enable it under System > Security > Groups > Group Name [i.e. Office Staff].  Check the box beside Access Accounts.
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