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JAVA Again!!!
We had a couple teachers update their java when prompted yesterday, and now gradebook will not open again for them.   We had finally got everything back to normal here with gradebooks.   Anyone else have this issue?   Is there some workaround again?

I was asked to upload the Gradebook app that Ray sent it is...

If that doesn't work, try downloading it from here:

It will have to be is the message Ray sent me, and this worked GREAT!

Yes.  The settings are for St. Vincent de Paul's PowerSchool server, which won't do the Alliance folks much good.
So where the properties file says,
you will need to enter your information.  Log in to PowerSchool as an
administrator, go to System>System Settings>Global Server
Settings.  Whatever is listed there under PowerTeacher Gradebook
Settings - External Access is what you will need to put in the
properties file and save.  And that should work for you.
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14 Responses to "JAVA Again!!!"

There is an issue with the Java 1.7.0_45 update and PowerTeacher.

This is the workaround.

In PowerTeacher, click on Gradebook at the left. Under the Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook there is a warning line - "If the launch button failed to open PowerTeacher gradebook, click here to further assess the problem." Select the "click here" and it takes you to the directions.

I have had good luck (in a Mac environment) downloading and installing the gradebook app.  Teachers can then access their gradebook via an icon on their dock; that still gives them a web interface but one that isn't affected by the Java issues (or so far that's the case, anyway).

I had to do a little configuring of the properties file in order to get the app to run properly; I did that on one machine and then put the app to a USB stick and copied to the rest of the machines.

We are Mac, running 10.8.    We finally got everything working great until yesterday.  They can "Skip" the update, but it's too late for some already.   Ray, tell me more about the gradebook app, and what you did?   If you don't want to post it all here, you can email me

When we click on the "Click Here" to further assess the problem, it does nothing but say Java is not installed, but it is.   We get no further directions!  Ugh! 

I tried to app "click here" thing as well. Just says Java is not installed. Any suggestions on how to go about getting this app.

ok, I figured it out. There are two "click here's" Click the one on the right

Thought i did. Now when I try to launch the gradebook app, it asks me to install Java runtime 6. I thought this did not need java?

I was able to email Joan the app itself (its under 100KB) along with instructions that got Alliance up and running (or at least for the couple machines she tested on).

I would do the same for anyone else if you send a request to

Ray, you were a lifesaver!   You have made my day!   Got several installed and works like a charm!!!

I made a video how to install the new Gradebook.

Thanks, Brian! This is perfect for those teachers who like to fix their own issues. :-)

Brian -- I watched your video. Weird thing is, when I go to the PowerTeacher website there's no "click here" link. It says: "If the launch button failed to open PowerTeacher gradebook, to further assess the problem." as if the click here has been deleted.

Brad, we had that same issue...that was NEVER available to us.   The only way I got this to work was by Ray sending me the app.   

Brad, we had that same issue...that was NEVER available to us.   The only way I got this to work was by Ray sending me the app.   
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