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Honor Roll
I think my brain is fried lately.  I just calculated honor roll for a school, looks good, but I want to save that group of kids so I can print certificates.   I thought I did that by matching selections last year in DDE.   However, I am having issues.   I'll keep at it, but if anyone has the answer, it may save me some time!!! 
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And, I know last year I was then able to run out the certificates easily from there as well.   PowerSource is down, so I'm asking you guys!!

I have a reporting engine report for honor roll that I love.  You can run your honor roll and then it gives you the "Functions" option so you can print a report or whatever you want to do.  If I can send that template through this source I don't know how.  If you would like to give me your e-mail I could forward it to you.  Or  I probably got it from PowerData Solutions if you'd like to check there.

Kris, could you send it to me?

That report is on PowerSource in the community exchange.  Under Honor Roll with Student Selection

Thanks Kris, works great!

Unfortunately the only person that can upload to the community is the creator of the thread and I believe the size limit is around 24MB.

It would be nice if the creator of a thread gets a file sent to them, they would upload the file to the thread by doing the following:

1) log in
2) click on the pencil (edit link)
3) click on the paper with paperclip icon
4) click on the Upload button and browse to your file.
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