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I am having a few issues with attendance at our district.  Some of the schools had errors in the calendar setup, some had scheduling issues and errors, and etc.   I am trying to fix everything and get it going before our Student Summary Attendance reports are due.  Out of five schools, I think one is working correctly and has everything set up as it should be!    I know part of our issue is incomplete schedules at one school.   However, I have an issue with one day at the high school that shows a zero for attendance in the ADA/ADM for all students.   The date is the last day of school, shows in-session, shows the correct day and bell schedule, yet when you look, it is already showing no attendance for students that day.    I am including a screen shot here:  (The date in issue is 5/20/14.)

 Any ideas?
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Have you checked that your calendar shows 1 for Membership Value?

Membership (your 181) is calculated from the Calendar's Membership Value.

Attendance (160.2) is calculated by the Attendance Conversion that is attached to the Bell Schedule that is set for the specific day in the calendar.

For 5/20, where the Attendance value is 0. I would check the Attendance Conversion associated with that day's Bell Schedule.

Also, the Membership value and the Attendance values should equal for days in the future. The 16th & 19th has 1 membership point, but only allows 0.8 of an attendance point.

Remember to refresh attendance anytime you make a change to the attendance setup.  Special Functions > Attendance Functions  > Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data.

I ran the refresh attendance and I still get a zero in the day for May 20, 2014.   So, when you print out a report, it will show every student has an absence already.   My calendar set up looks the same for that day as the days before.  I wanted to attach a screen shot, but can't in a comment. 

The .8 days are because this particular student has an incomplete schedule on top of this other issue.  It's really fun here this year!!!!

I sent this into powersource, but really need an answer more quickly than their recent response times have been! 


I just noticed that the last day of Semester 1 is also already not putting in a 1 for membership.  So, it is the last day of each semester that won't calculate correctly.   

Does that trigger anything that can help? 

I just noticed that the last day of Semester 1 is also already not putting in a 1 for membership.  So, it is the last day of each semester that won't calculate correctly.   

Does that trigger anything that can help? 

Maybe check your years/terms setup and make sure the last days for each semester/school year set up there are the same as what you have set up for your calendar.

They are the same day.   Years and Terms and Calendar match.   You don't have to have any days afterwards in the calendar do you?   One school calendar's last day is the same, but one has empty days following.

They both have the 0 in the last day. 

Make sure the last day for the semester is the day AFTER the last day the students attended.  Your terms must be set to the day after the last day you had membership.

Joan, building off of Suzanne's comment. What is your last day of your school year in your years & terms? Also, what is the default exit date listed on the transfer info screen for your students?

The last day of school matches the last day on the calendar.  Should I add a day to the calendar, with no "day", no "bell schedule" and not in session?   

Oh, and the student exit date is the same as the true last day students attend.   Is that incorrect?

I added two days to the AHS calendar so the days to until May 22, ran attendance functions-refresh premier attendance.   I even did recalculate attendance.  Still get a 0 on the last day students attend (May 20).   

The term ends May 20, so the students exit day is May 20.   The last day in Final grade setup is May 20.   The sections and courses end May 20.

It sounds like you have the student's exit date as 5/20. If your true last day is 5/20, the student's exit date should be 5/21. If I'm following you correctly, that might be your issue.

Thanks, Kris.  I just changed the exit date for all of the AHS students to 5/21/14.   That date is marked as not in session in the calendar.   The end of term is 5/20.   The last day of school is 5/20.   Courses end 5/20.   The final grade setup last day is 5/20.

After changing the exit date, (which was a variety of things, go figure), I reran the attendance refresh, etc.   I am STILL getting a zero in the last day.  

I am missing something here!   Ugh!   

Changing the school year exit date for students might not have changed the exit date for individual classes.  To check that, pick a kid at random and go to the All Enrollments link for that student.  Once the page comes up, verify that the exit date for individual courses is 5/21.

If not, you might try manually editing all of  that one kid's course exit dates, submitting, and then checking the ADA/ADM for just that kid.  If it is fixed, you will have identified your problem.

Then I'd put in a case request to PowerSchool Support.  They should be able to run a script for you to change all of the course exit dates (you likely won't want to attempt that yourself).

Ok, i'll try that, Ray, Thanks.

I thought the courses should end the last day of school, not the day after....but this has been such a mess with scheduling this year, I am not sure what was right anymore!   I've never had these issues before!   I didn't do the scheduling this year, though, so I am really dumbfounded at all what is wrong. 

Your exit dates should always be the day after their last day. Basically, their first day gone. That is for both school exit (transfer info screen) & section enrollments (all enrollments screen).

From the Modify Schedule>Drop Class screen:

Note about exit dates:
The exit date is always the day AFTER the last day the student was in class.
If the student's last day in class was 5/22, then the exit date is 5/23. This
applies even if 5/22 was the last day of the term, and even if school is not
in session on 5/23.

Thanks.  I knew that, but in all this mess, my mind is totally gone nuts!   I have done this, and that error is now fixed...moving on to the rest of the  list....

Thanks, all! 
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