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Stored Grades vs. Historical Grades
Can anyone give me reasonings why you feel it's important for teachers to let you know when grades are updated after grades are stored.  What explanation do you give teachers of why this is important, or do you feel it's important?

I was able to install the custom reports bundle with the grade book vs. stored grades report and was shocked at the number of teachers that changed students grades and did not let me know (even after it was told to them that they needed too).

Any thoughts would be appreciated!  Thanks!
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5 Responses to "Stored Grades vs. Historical Grades"

I meant Stored Grades vs. Grade book.  :)

We had the same thing happen last summer. We ran the custom report and found a lot of changed grades.   We decided this year we are going to watch closely.   After quarter ended this Oct we ran the report and had 3 teachers change grades and didn't following the proper procedure to get stored grades changed.   I think it is just a matter of you being "cop" so to say and watch the report after you store and talk to those teachers.   We have a Yellow Grade Change form they are suppose to fill out if they change the grade after we store.  This way we have a record of why it was changed.  Maybe show the teachers this report and have them figure out why it changed.  It might make them more responsible the next time you store grades.

We tell our teachers it is important because parents see what is in PowerSchool on the Parent log in side which is Live Grades and the grades for a class could be different from what was sent to them on the report card which are Stored Grades.  If they are different the Teacher must explain to the parents how this has happened. 

Teachers need to realize that the students GPA and class rank are based on Stored Grades.  That is the biggest reason in my opinion to be sure stored grades are correct.

After I explain what Suzanne said, I always make sure I change the School > Current Grade Display to "Stored Grades" immediately after I store grades for a term. I've found students and parents are quick to spot the "miscalculations" and point them out to the teachers.
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